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Founded in 1975 as a reproduction company, we quickly started producing magnesium dies for the local market. During the following years, we expanded our service area from the Netherlands to Belgium,Germany. After that followed other countries in Europe and beyond. From a company that only produced films we developed ourselves to a multifunctional supplier of technically advanced tools.


Our work speaks for itself

You encounter our work every day. Unconsciously, we are everywhere. Our creations are visible in all kinds of packaging, labels and book covers. An excellent example is our anti counterfeit printing in which we provide your products with unique characteristics. 

We know how to make a lasting impression, literally and figuratively. Because of our skilled craftsmanship we are able to provide the finest foil and embossing dies. As a specialized company, we are experienced and knowledgeable which enables us to translate your wishes into highly effective and innovative solutions.

Maestros del grabado en latón en España

Masters of moulding

We create foil dies, embossing dies, 3D dies and photopolymer flexo plates, dies for micro-embossing, steel moulds for the coin industry and leather stamping dies with the highest level of detail. Products are etched, engraved or laser engraved. If possible, we can also combine these techniques. Nothing is too difficult. Above all, we let our products speak for themselves. 

We make our moulds out of brass, magnesium, steel, silicone and polymer. However, our key elements are experience and knowledge. As for foil and embossing dies, we know where to find the possibilities and the pitfalls. Helping customers avoid mistakes and informing them of better options is part of our service. This way we can offer our clients alternative solutions where other businesses are not able to.

Maestros de clichés en latón en España y Europa

Passion for innovation

You know what you know, but not what you don’t know. There is always something to be discovered. We would rather be trendsetters than followers. That is why innovation is essential to our entire company which could be suitably described as a Research & Development department. We are constantly testing and experimenting, we know of no boundaries. Innovation is our number one strategy to be the best and stay the best in our profession. 

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